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Marine Computers

At Vasari Technology we have used our years of expertise in the market to create a limited range of all purpose marine computers suitable for most tasks onboard.

MPC Range

The MPC range of marine computers have been designed from the ground up to perform the most demanding tasks. With powerful embedded processors and industrial grade components, these marine computers are able to handle most tasks that could be required of them. They are designed to run directly from the boat's DC supply with a 6-32V range of input voltage. With the ability to run 3 screens independently they are ideally suited for running TimeZero Professional software with additional modules.

We are constantly updating the range to take advantage of new technologies and components as they become available.


MF Range

The MF Range of marine computers are a small form factor fanless PC with a powerful embedded i5 processor. Designed to surpass the minimum requirements for running a basic TimeZero navigation system. With the ability to run 3 screens independently all whilst drawing as little as 9 Watts. With no moving parts, industrial components and a wide temperature range the MF series of marine computers are ideal for life on board. With an optional intelligent power supply the MF range can accept inputs of 6-48V and have a remote auto start-up and soft shutdown feature. Making the MF range ideal for when space is at a premium.

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