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Marine Monitors

At Vasari Technology we understand the various properties that are needed for suitable marine monitors. We have worked closley with our suppliers to find the best range available for the demanding environment onboard.

Marine Monitors

Working closely with our suppliers we are able to offer a range of monitors in sizes ranging from 10.4 inches all the way up to 32 inches. All of these marine monitors have an IP65 rated front panel enabling them to be flush mounted externally. With optional high bright screen and full dimming it is possible to use the screen in direct sunlight or pitch darkness. Also multiple screens can be connected allowing the dimming to be controlled from one button. The monitors can be offered with or without touch screen and can be run direct from a 9-34VDC supply. With a tough glass front not only do the monitors look great, but they are also rugged, making them suitable for every vessel form a superyacht to a fishing boat.  


Other Monitors

For those with more of an eye on budget we have access to various other monitor manufacturers. Although not specifically designed with the marine market in mind we have found solutions that are more suited than the average desktop monitor. With a 12V input and rugged glass-fronted construction monitors such as the ever popular AG Neovo have often been an alternative to a full Marine Monitor setup.

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